Techniques for shooting with the zoom (on the telephoto end) (PowerShot SX500 IS / SX160 IS)

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Techniques for shooting with the zoom (on the telephoto end) (PowerShot SX500 IS / SX160 IS)


If you cannot shoot the subject up close with the optical zoom, please consider the following.

Using the digital zoom

When distant subjects are too far away to enlarge using the optical zoom, use digital zoom for up to about 120x enlargement(PowerShot SX500 IS),64x enlargement(PowerShot SX160 IS).

  • Set the [Digital Zoom] to [Standard]
Press the <MENU> button (), and from the [Shooting] tab () set the [Digital Zoom] to [Standard].

  • Moving the zoom lever will display the zoom bar (which indicates the zoom position). The color of the zoom bar will change depending on the zoom range.
- White range: optical zoom range where the image will not appear grainy.
- Yellow range: digital zoom range where the image is not noticeably grainy (ZoomPlus).
- Blue range: digital zoom range where the image will appear grainy.
Because the blue range will not be available at some resolution settings, the maximum zoom factor can be achieved.
  • The [Digital Zoom] cannot be used in the following modes.
- [Low light] (), [Fish-eye Effect] (), [Miniature Effect] (), [Toy Camera Effect] (), [Monochrome] (), [Super Vivid] (), [Poster Effect] ()
  • Focal length when optical and digital zoom are combined is as follows(35mm film equivalent).
- PowerShot SX500 IS...24 2880 mm (24 720 mm with optical zoom alone)
- PowerShot SX160 IS...28 1792 mm (28 448 mm with optical zoom alone)
  • To deactivate digital zoom, press the <MENU> button (), choose [Digital Zoom] on the [Shooting] tab (), and then choose [Off].
  • Zoomed images may look grainy, under some resolution settings and zoom factors. In this case, the zoom factor is shown in blue.

Using the ZoomPlus
Depending on how you have set the number of recording pixels and the magnification of the [Digital zoom], the [Zoom bar] may be displayed in yellow (ZoomPlus).
To shoot with the [Digital zoom] without causing the image quality to degrade, please shoot within the range of the ZoomPlus.

Using the digital tele-converter

With the [Digital Tele-Converter] setting, the focal length of the lens can be increased by a factor equivalent to 1.6x or 2.0x. This makes it possible to increase the magnification without compromising the brightness of the lens even more than increasing the magnification to the same rate in ordinary zoom operations (including digital zoom), enabling you to shoot with a faster shutter speed, thereby minimizing camera shake and subject blurring.

  • Set the [Digital Zoom] to either [1.6x] or [2.0x]
Press the <MENU> button (), and from the [Shooting] tab () set the [Digital Zoom] to either [1.6x] or [2.0x].

  • The [Digital tele-converter] cannot be used with [digital zoom] and [AF-point zoom].
  • In cases where you have pressed the <Zoom lever> to maximum telephoto (
    ), the shutter speed may be the same as when zoomed in on the subject using digital zoom.
  • If the <Mode dial> is set to any of the following modes, neither digital tele-converter 1.6x nor digital tele-converter 2.0x can be set.
- <AUTO> (), <SCN> (), <Creative Filters> (), <Discreet> (), <Movie> ()
  • The respective focal lengths for [1.6x] and [2.0x] are shown below (35mm film equivalent).
PowerShot SX500 IS... 38.4 - 1152 mm / 48 - 1440 mm
PowerShot SX160 IS... 44.8 - 716.8 mm / 56.0 - 896.0 mm



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