System Status Display

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System Status Display


System Status Display

You can check the camera’s serial number, firmware version, and shutter release cycles on the screen. You can also check the status log for past Error and Caution messages.

Use this function to check the camera’s condition. If necessary, take the camera to your nearest Canon Service Center for maintenance to minimize camera problems in the future.

1 Select [System status display].
  • Under the [4] tab, select [System status display], then press <>.




2 Check the system status.

  • You can check the serial number, firmware version, and shutter release cycles

Check the Error and Caution Log

You can check the camera’s past errors, caution history, and the lens, flash, and battery used when the error or caution occurred.


3 Check the log.

  • In step 2, press the <INFO> button.

  • The camera’s status log will be displayed.

  • “Err **” is an error message. For the error messages, see below

  • “Caution **” is a caution message.

  • For the caution messages, see below

4 Check the system status.

  • Turn the <> dial to select an Error or Caution, then press the <INFO> button to view the message.

  • Turn the <> dial to check the message.

Caution Messages

The camera checks its important components to see if they are operating properly. If it detects an operation that is inaccurate but not serious enough to be an error, it will be recorded as a Caution message in the Camera status log. Although you can continue shooting, you should follow the recommendations in the Caution message and solution since the condition may lead to a malfunction.


Erasing the Camera Status Log

When you press the <> button in step 3, you can delete all the log entries displayed


  • The Camera status log screen displays the latest five entries for Errors and Cautions. If there are more than five entries, the oldest entries will be deleted automatically.

  • The shutter release cycles are displayed in units of 1000. If there have been 1,000,000 or more shutter release cycles, 1,000,000 will be displayed.

  • If the same Error or Caution occurs often, consult a Canon Service Center


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