Set the Minimum Shutter Speed for Auto ISO - EOS-1D C or EOS-1D X

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Learn how to set the minimum shutter speed for Auto ISO on your EOS-1D C or EOS-1D X.


Follow the steps below to set the minimum shutter speed for Auto ISO.

Before you begin

 When Auto ISO is set, you can set the minimum shutter speed (from 1/250 sec. to 1 sec.) so that the automatically-set shutter speed is not too slow.

  • This is convenient in Program (P) and Aperture priority (Av) modes because it will minimize camera shake and subject blur when you use a wide-angle lens.

  • Correct exposure may not be obtained when the maximum ISO speed limit is set in Auto ISO range. In this case, a shutter speed slower than the shutter spd. is set to obtain a standard exposure.

  • With flash photography, Min. shutter spd. can't be applied.


Setup procedure

  1. Select Min. shutter spd.

  2. Select shutter spd., then press the Set button .

  3. Set the desired minimum shutter speed.

  4. Turn the Mode Dial to select the shutter speed, then press the Set button .

  5. The menu re-appears.

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