Recycling an ink tank / cartridge or inkjet printer

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Recycling an ink tank / cartridge or inkjet printer


Recycling Program


Canon U.S.A. offers customers a process for returning used inkjet cartridges and printers. To contribute to the goal of zero landfill waste, Canon has introduced a collection and recycling program for Canon Genuine consumables and printers.


Inkjet Cartridges

To Recycle Used Inkjet Cartridges:

  1. Remove the used cartridges from your Canon PIXMA Inkjet Printer.
  2. Drop off the used cartridges free of charge to one of over 1,800 FedEx Office Locations. Locate a FedEx Office. Call to confirm participation.
  3. Or, mail the inkjet cartridge to:

    Canon USA, Inc.
    Attn: CETI
    5980 Industrial Drive
    Gloucester, VA 23061-3874


Inkjet Printers

To recycle a used inkjet printer, please vist the Canon Recycling Program page.

You can also visit the page for all Canon Recycle Programs.

Thank you for interest and participation in our recycling program.

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