Mobile Android Setup

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Mobile Android Setup:

Note: The ELPH 530 and 320 HS cameras connect Via Infrastructure only on Android Devices.

Prepare the devices to pair together

1. Install the camera window APP on an Android Device.

2. Switch the camera to the playback mode.

a. Press the FUNC button.

b. Press MENU.

c. Open the tools tab.

d. Select "Wireless LAN Settings".

e. Select "Change Device Nickname".

f. Set a name for the camera.

g. Return to the playback screen.

Open Android Mobile device to main screen

1. From the menu choose settings and open the "Wireless & networks" menu.

2. Verify that Wi-Fi is checked on.

3. Choose the network under Wi-Fi settings.

4. Input the WEP key for the router.

5. If correct the network will show "connected" under the name.

6. Exit settings

Connecting a Mobile Android Device

1. Turn on the camera in the playback mode and access the cameras Wi-Fi setting in the tools menu.

2. Give the camera a nickname and press ok.

3. Return the camera to the playback screen and press the Wi-Fi icon.

4. Press the mobile device logo in the center of the top row.

5. Choose "Infrastructure" and press next in the lower right corner.

6. Searching for access point will display new page (Access Point Connect), select your router from the list.

7. Touch the empty box and the keypad will display. Enter the access code for the router, (WEP password) then press the back arrow in the upper right corner.

8. Network settings: choose auto

9. Camera will display "Connecting" then "Start dedicated APP on device".

10. Launch Canon CW App on mobile device.

11. The mobile device name will appear highlighted in orange on the camera. Press it to connect.

12. Allow images to be viewed on connected device (no/yes) select yes.

13. The camera is now connected to the device.

14. The camera displays 2 options at the bottom of the LCD "Select and Send" (to select a single image to send) and "Select and Transfer" (to select multiple images on the camera to send).

15. On the mobile device CW APP, tap the option "view images on camera" to view images on the camera. Transfer is not available from the view window.

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