Setup Camera to use Web Services

Article ID: ART137107 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Setup Camera to use Web Services

The camera has the ability to install apps for direct connection with the internet. Services that can be registered are as follows, Canon Image Gateway, You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also register up to 20 email addresses to the camera.

1. Connect the camera to the computer.

2. Open camera window.

3. Open the camera services folder.

4. Click on setup web services.

5. Canon image gateway must be setup to continue.

6. The camera window, web services settings window will open.

7. Canon image gateway will appear in the list.

You will have 2 columns to the left. One column represents the camera and the information/ services that will be saved to the camera. The column to the right will be a list of services, available for transfer to the camera.

Click on the globe icon at the bottom of the right column

A camera window dc window will open showing a list of available options. Canon image gateway will have a checkmark in the left column and will appear in the previous window. The other available options will show edit in the right column.

Click on edit and a list of options will appear.

Note: With the exception of Facebook, A Canon Image Gateway account is needed to access these services.


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