Digital Print Order Format (DPOF)

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Digital Print Order Format (DPOF)


Digital Print Order Format (DPOF)

You can set the print type, date imprinting, and file number imprinting. The print settings will be applied to all print-ordered images. (Settings cannot be set individually for each image.)

1 Select [Print order].

  • Under the tab, select [Print order], then press <>.

2 Select [Set up].

  • Select [Set up], then press <>.

3 Set the option as desired.

  • Set the [Print type], [Date], and [File No.].

  • Select the option to be set, then press <>. Select the desired setting, then press <>.


4 Exit the setting.

  • Press the <MENU> button.

    • The print order screen will reappear.

  • Next, select [Sel.Image], [By ], or [All image] to order the images to be printed.

  • Even if [Date] and [File No.] are set to [On], the date or file number may not be imprinted depending on the print type setting and printer model.

  • With [Index] prints, the [Date] and [File No.] cannot be set to [On] at the same time.

  • When printing with DPOF, you must use the card whose print order specifications have been set. It will not work if you just extract images from the card and try to print them.

  • Certain DPOF-compatible printers and photofinishers may not be able to print the images as you specified. If this happens with your printer, refer to the printer’s instruction manual. Or check with your photofinisher about compatibility when ordering prints.

  • Do not insert into the camera a card whose print order was set by a different camera and then try to specify a print order. The print order may not work or may be overwritten. Also, depending on the image type, the print order may not be possible.


RAW images and movies cannot be print ordered. You can print RAW images with PictBridge

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