Lamp Replacement

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Lamp Replacement


Lamp Replacement

When the projection lamp of the projector reaches its end of life, the Lamp replacement icon appears on the screen and LAMP REPLACE indicator lights yellow. Replace the lamp with a new one promptly. The timing when the LAMP REPLACE indicator should light is depending on the lamp mode

Follow these steps to replace the lamp

Unplug the AC power cord. Let the projector cool for at least one hour.

Loosen the screw and open the lamp cover.

Loosen the three (3) screws that secure the lamp. Lift the lamp out of the projector by using the handles

Replace the lamp with a new one and secure the three (3) screws. Make sure that the lamp is set properly. Close the lamp cover and secure the screw.

Connect the AC power cord to the projector and turn on the projector.

Reset the lamp counter.


Replacement lamp can be ordered through your dealer. When ordering a projection lamp, give the following information to the dealer.

? Model No. of your projector : LV-7292A, LV-7297A, LV-7392A, LV-8227A, LV-7292M, LV-7297M, LV-8227M

? Replacement Lamp Type No. : LV-LP35


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