Depth of Field Preview

Article ID: ART137240 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 10/22/2015


Depth of Field Preview


Depth of Field Preview

The aperture opening (diaphragm) changes only at the moment when the picture is taken. Otherwise, the aperture remains fully open. Therefore, when you look at the scene through the viewfinder or on the LCD monitor, the depth of field will look narrow.

Press the depth-of-field preview button to stop down the lens to the current aperture setting and check the depth of field (range of acceptable focus).

  • A higher f/number will make more of the foreground and background fall within acceptable focus. However, the viewfinder will look darker.

  • The depth-of-field effect can be clearly seen on the Live View image as you change the aperture while pressing the depth-of-field preview button.

  • The exposure will be locked (AE lock) while the depth-of-field preview button is pressed.



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