Adjusting the Black Balance
Article ID: ART137609 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 10/22/2015


Adjusting the Black Balance


You can have the camcorder adjust the black balance automatically when ambient temperature changes considerably or if there is a noticeable change in a true black video signal.

1 Open the [ABB] screen.

[ ] > [ABB]

2 Attach the body cap to the lens mount.

  • If a lens was attached, remove the lens and replace the body cap.

3 Select [OK] and then press SET.

  • The automatic black balance procedure will start.

4 When the confirmation message appears, press SET.

  • If the body cap is not correctly attached, [Error] will appear on the screen. Press SET and repeat the procedure from the beginning.


  • Adjusting the black balance may be necessary in the following cases:
    • When using the camcorder for the very first time or after a long period of not using it.
    • After sudden or extreme changes in ambient temperature.
    • After changing the ISO speed/gain settings.
  • The automatic black balance procedure will take approximately 40 seconds when the frame rate is set to 23.98P or 24.00P.
  • During the adjustment of the black balance, you may notice some irregular displays appear on the screen. This is not a malfunction.
  • Resetting the camcorder’s settings using the [Other Functions] > [Reset] > [All Settings] or [Camera Settings] menu option will reset also the black balance adjustment. In such case, perform the procedure again.