Resolve Orange Alarm Light Flash Errors - PIXMA iP4000

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Understand and resolve errors on the iP4000 based on the number of orange alarm lamp flashes on the printer.


When an error occurs you will see flashing lights on your printer panel. Depending on the error, a support code error number and message may also display on your computer screen.

The light(s) on your printer panel may flash as follows:

  • Repeatedly orange: If so, count the number of flashes and refer to Table 1 below.

  • Alternately between green and orange: If so, count the number of flashes and refer to the Table 2 below.


Table 1: Light flashes repeatedly orange

Flashes Cause Action

Two (2)

Printer is out of paper.

Paper does not feed.

  • Reload paper in the sheet feeder or cassette and tap RESUME/CANCEL.

Three (3)

Paper output tray is closed.

  • If paper is jammed, remove the jammed paper, reload paper in the printer, and then tap RESUME/CANCEL.

  • If the paper output tray is closed, open it.

Four (4)

Empty ink tank.

  • Tap RESUME/CANCEL continue printing with an empty ink tank.

  • Replace it with a new ink tank immediately after the printing.

 It may damage the printer if you continue printing with an empty ink tank.

Five (5)

Print head not installed.

Print head not installed correctly.

Print head is defective.

  • Install the print head.

  • If the print head is already installed, remove it and check the electrical contacts for foreign matter, then reinstall.

  • After you reinstall the print head, you may need to realign it.

  • If this error still remains, the print head may be damaged.

Six (6)

Inner cover error.

  • Close the inner cover, then tap RESUME/CANCEL to start printing.

Eight (8)

Waste ink absorber almost full.

  • The printer has a built-in waste ink absorber for the ink used when the print head is cleaned.

  • Tap RESUME/CANCEL to cancel the error so you can continue to print.

Nine (9)

A specified period of time has elapsed without a response from the digital camera or digital video camcorder.

The digital camera or digital video camcorder connected is not compatible with this printer.

  • Disconnect the camera cable.

  • Tap RESUME/CANCEL and reconnect the cable.

  • If the error is still unresolved, the digital camera or digital video camcorder may not be supported by the printer.

  • Use a digital camera or digital video camcorder that is compatible with this printer.

Ten (10)

Can't print on sides of the page.

  • The size of paper may not be compatible with automatic duplex printing.

  • Tap RESUME/CANCEL to discharge the paper, and restart print from the front side of the next paper. The reverse side won't be printed when an error occurs.

Eleven (11)

Automatic Print Head alignment failed.

  • Load paper.

  • Replace or reinstall the ink tanks.


  • Print a nozzle check pattern.

  • Align the printer so the paper output slot won't be exposed directly to a strong light source.

 If the problem continues after you align the print head again, tap RESUME/CANCEL to resolve the error, and then perform manual print head alignment.

Table 2: Light flashes alternately between green and orange

Flashes Cause Action

Orange and Green alternates.

Error has occurred.

  • Disconnect the printer cable from the printer, and then turn the printer off and unplug the printer from the power supply.

  • Plug the printer back in and turn the printer back on after it has been unplugged for a while.

If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help, please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.


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