6000 Printer error has occurred

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6000 Printer error has occurred



When the message "6000 Printer error has occurred." is displayed, follow the steps below to clear the error.
If you still have the trouble, service is required
For support and service options, sign into (or create) your Canon Account from the link below.
My Canon Account.


1. Something may block the paper feed tray from opening.


If something is in front of the paper feed tray, the paper feed tray may not open even after you command a print job. As a result, the 6000 error shall occur.
In such a case, remove any physical objects that prevent the tray from opening and turn OFF the printer. Then, turn ON the printer and command printing again.
[ The tray cannot open due to the obstructions. ]



2. Is there any paper jams inside the printer?


If paper is jammed inside the printer, the proper operation of printer is blocked and the 6000 error occurs.
In such a case, refer to the page below then remove jammed paper and turn on the printer again.
-> [ Paper Jams ]





Request for a repair service
  • Request either Canon or the dealer you purchased the machine for a repair service.





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