Resolve Printer Error Code 6000 - MX892

Article ID: ART137916 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 05/21/2020


This article will help you understand and resolve an error code 6000 issue on the PIXMA MX892.



Troubleshooting You try to print and receive a 6000 error message.

image error 6000


  • The paper feed tray may be blocked.

    books stacked in front of paper tray

  • Something is covering the tray such as a large document.

    book pages hanging down in front of tray

  • There may be scraps of paper inside the printer.


If this happens, remove anything blocking or covering the tray. Turn the printer OFF. Then, check inside the printer for any paper or other foreign materials. If any paper or other materials are found in the printer, remove them. Turn the printer ON, and restart your print job.

Tip Hold large documents away from the tray while printing.

If you continue to experience this error after troubleshooting, servicing is required.

Unfortunately, repairs are no longer available for this product due to its age. If you wish to move up to a newer product, please contact our Customer Support team at (866) 443-8002 to explore your options.



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