Installing PIXELA VideoBrowser/Network Utility

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Installing PIXELA VideoBrowser/Network Utility


With VideoBrowser, you can edit and write video files after importing from the camcorder. Network Utility can transfer videos in the camcorder to the computer via Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) instead of connecting USB cable. You can import video files directly from the camcorder to the computer and upload them to SNS.

This section provides explanations about how to install PIXELA VideoBrowser and Network Utility.
Network Utility:
  • An wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) environment is required to use Network Utility.
  • After the installation of VideoBrowser, the installation window of Network Utility will appear.

Install VideoBrowser to your computer

Install VideoBrowser to your computer. Before installing, connect to the Internet if available.
If Internet connection is not available, call a PIXELA CORPORATION user support center and get the Certification code. Give the operator the serial number of your camcorder to get a certification code. Write down the certification code and have it ready to activate the software manually.

1. Insert "PIXELA VideoBrowser" disc to the computer.
The installation screen will be displayed.
* Click [Continue] (Windows Vista) / [Yes] (Windows 7) if the [User Account Control] dialog box is displayed.
If the installation screen (left screen) is not displayed, open the disc drive window from the [My Computer] (Windows XP)/[My Computer] (Windows Vista/ Windows 7) in the [Start] menu, and double-click [setup.exe].

2. Select the language for the installation and click [Next].

3. Click [Next].

4. Read the license agreement and select [I accept the terms of the license agreement].
Click [Next].

5. Check the destination folder for the installation files and click [Next].
If you want to change the destination folder, click [Change...] and specify the destination.

6. Select your local video system and click [Next].
*Change the video system in the Preferences if the video system set in this step is different from that of camcorder.

7. Enter the serial number of your camcorder and click [Next].

If the message that the product activation failed appears...

The message will be displayed if your computer is not connected to the Internet.
If you have an Internet-accessible environment, click [OK] after accessing to the Internet.
Click [Cancel] if you do not have an Internet connection. The window to enter the certification code will be displayed. Contact PIXELA User Support Center and acquire the certification code then enter it.
*When using security software, the registration of the certification code may not be performed properly depending on the firewall settings. In the case, change the settings of the security software, or exit the security software and install VideoBrowser. Refer to the manual of the security software to change the settings.

8. Click [Install] to begin the installation.
Click [OK] when the message telling that the product activaiton has been finished successfully appears.

9. Once the installation is completed, click [ Finish ].
The installation of VideoBrowser is completed. The Software Guide is also installed and following shortcuts are placed on the Desktop.
  • VideoBrowser (software)
  • VideoBrowser Software Guide
  • VideoBrowser Homepage
  • PIXELA Product Registration
The installation screen of Network Utility will be displayed continuously.
If using Network Utility, follow the steps below to install it. If not using Network Utility, please click [Cancel] on the installation screen.

Install Network Utility to your computer

1. Select the language for the installation and click [Next].

2. Click [Next].

3. Read the license agreement and select [I accept the terms of the license agreement].
Click [Next].

4. Click [Install] to begin the installation.

5. Once the installation is completed, click [ Finish ].
When the installation is completed, the Network Utility icon [ ] is displayed in the task tray and the shortcut icon of the Software Guide is placed on the Desktop.

6. Click [OK].

7. Configure the Preferences.

Enter the password of the user account of your computer
Make sure to enter the computer's password of the network setting. If you have not registered the password yet, register the password in the User Accounts option from the Control Panel of Windows. Always enter the password for the user account that you are going to use even if you installed Network Utility in a different user account.

Check the configuration of Network adapter.
Did you select the same access point for the camcorder and the network adapter? You cannot connect to the network if the access point is different.
  • For details about the items that can be set, please see the Network Utility instruction manual.
  • If you want to change your preferences later, the Preferences screen will appear again if you right-click the [ ] icon in the task tray, and then click [Preferences...].

Click [OK] when you finish the configuration.

8. Restart the computer.
You must to restart the computer to apply the configuration.



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