Manage Scan Settings With IJ Scan Utility - PIXMA MG3220, MG3222
Article ID: ART137975 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 02/20/2020


Learn how to manage the IJ Scan Utility Settings menu for a PIXMA MG3220 or MG3222.


You can adjust and save scan settings for your PIXMA printer using the IJ Scan Utility.

To open the Settings dialog box, select the Check scan results checkbox in Save Settings after you complete a scan.

There are three main areas on the Save Settings screen:

  1. Toolbar
  2. Scan results area
  3. Save settings area

Refer to the sections below for details about each area.‚Äč

figure: Save Settings dialog box with 3 areas highlighted

Note If you scan from My Image Garden or the operation panel of your printer / scanner, the Save Settings dialog box doesn't appear.

1. Toolbar

Note The Toolbar doesn't appear when the Enable large image scans checkbox is selected in the Settings (ScanGear) dialog box.

Rotate images

You can rotate images 90 degrees in either direction.

To rotate scanned images:

  1. Select the image you want to rotate.

  2.  Select (Rotate Left 90°) Rotate left 90 degrees or (Rotate Right 90°) Rotate right 90 degrees.

2. Scan Results Area

You can see thumbnail images of your scans.

  • Drag-and-drop to change the order of the images.

  • The file name appears below the thumbnails.

3. Save Settings Area

You can name your files and choose formats for saved scans.

File Name

  • Enter the file name of the image you want to save.

  • The date and 4 digits will be added to the end of the file name in the "_20XX0101_0001" format.

Data Format

  • Select the data format you want to use to save scanned images.

  • You can select JPEG/Exif, TIFF, PNG, PDF, or PDF (Multiple Pages).

  • You can't select PDF or PDF (Multiple Pages) if:

    • The Enable large image scans checkbox is selected in Save Settings of the Settings (ScanGear) dialog box.

    • Start OCR is selected in Application Settings of the Settings (Document Scan), Settings (Custom Scan) or Settings (ScanGear) dialog box.

  • You can't select JPEG/Exif if the Color Mode is set to Black and White.

  • Set the quality of the images to be saved.

  • Set keyword searches for PDF files and their compression type.

  • Set the data format to use when you save images with Auto Scan.

Save in

  • To change the destination folder for your scans, go to the Select Destination Folder dialog box and select Add from the drop-down.

  • The default save folders are:

    • Windows 10Documents folder.

    • Windows 8.1: Documents folder.

    • Windows 8My Documents folder.

    • Windows 7: My Documents folder.

    • Windows Vista: Documents folder.

    • Windows XP: My Documents folder.