IJ Scan Utility Save Settings Dialog Box - Mac
Article ID: ART137976 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 11/04/2015


Select the Check scan results checkbox in Save Settings of the scan settings dialog to display the Save Settings dialog after scanning.

You can specify the data format and destination while viewing the thumbnails of scan results.


  • After scanning from My Image Garden or the operation panel, the Save Settings dialog does not appear.

figure: Save Settings dialog

(1) Toolbar

(2) Scan Results Area

(3) Save Settings Area

(1) Toolbar

  • / (Rotate Left 90°)/(Rotate Right 90°)

    Rotates scanned images 90 degrees counter-clockwise or clockwise.

    Select the image you want to rotate, then click (Rotate Left 90°) or (Rotate Right 90°).


  • The Toolbar does not appear when the Enable large image scans checkbox is selected in the Settings (ScanGear) dialog.

(2) Scan Results Area

Displays the thumbnails of the scanned images. You can change the save order of images via drag-and-drop. The file names for saving appear below the thumbnails.

(3) Save Settings Area

  • File Name

    Enter the file name of the image to be saved. The date and 4 digits are appended to the set file name in the "_20XX0101_0001" format.

  • Data Format

    Select the data format in which to save the scanned images.

    You can select JPEG/Exif, TIFF, PNG, PDF, or PDF (Multiple Pages).

    • You cannot select PDF or PDF (Multiple Pages) in the following cases.

      • The Enable large image scans checkbox is selected in Save Settings of the Settings (ScanGear) dialog

      • Start OCR is selected in Application Settings of the Settings (Document Scan), Settings (Custom Scan) or Settings (ScanGear) dialog

    • You cannot select JPEG/Exif when Color Mode is Black and White.

  • Settings...

    Click to display the Data Format Settings dialog in which you can set the quality of the images to be saved, keyword search of PDF files and their compression type, and the data format in which to save images scanned with Auto Scan.

    Data Format Settings Dialog

  • Save in

    Displays the folder in which to save the scanned images. To change the folder, specify the destination folder in the dialog displayed by selecting Add... from the pop-up menu.

    The default save folder is the Documents folder.