Launch the IJ Scan Utility on your Mac

Article ID: ART137982 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 04/12/2019


Learn how to start the IJ Scan Utility on your Macintosh computer.


‚ÄčLaunch the IJ Scan Utility

  1. Open the Go menu of Finder.
  2. Select Applications.
  3. Select the Canon Utilities folder.
  4. Open the IJ Scan Utility folder.
  5. Select Canon IJ Scan Utility to start the utility.
    IJ Scan Utility

What if I don't have the IJ Scan Utility?

The IJ Scan Utility can be downloaded from the Canon website.  Follow the steps below to download the IJ Scan Utility.
  1. Go to the Canon support site.
  2. Type your model into the box.  Wait for a few moments, then click on the model name that appears under the box, then click Go.

  3. When the support page for your printer opens, click the Drivers & Software tab.

  4. Click the Software tab.
  5. Click the Select button to the right of the listing for IJ Scan Utility.

  6. Click Download.  If you are prompted to open or save the file, save it to your computer.
  7. Open the file after it has finished downloading to your computer.
  8. Double click the .pkg file that appears.
  9. Follow all on-screen instructions to install the IJ Scan Utility.

After the IJ Scan Utility has been installed, follow the instructions at the top of this article to launch it.


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