Software on CD-ROM cannot be installed (Windows)

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Software on CD-ROM cannot be installed (Windows)


If you cannot install software included on DIGITAL CAMERA Solution Disk (CD-ROM), check the following items.

1. Nothing is displayed when the CD is inserted in the computer

When the DIGITAL CAMERA Solution Disk is inserted into the computer, the [AutoPlay] or [Install] screen will be displayed if the CD is recognized.

If the window appearing in the example image above is not displayed when the CD is inserted, the computer may not recognize the CD. In this case, please click [Computer] or [My Computer] from the [Start] menu, and then check whether [CanonDCxxxW] is displayed.
The [xxx] in [CanonDCxxxW] indicates the version number of the software.

  • If the CD-ROM is recognized, [CanonDCxxxW] will be displayed. Please open [CanonDCxxxW] and then double-click [setup] to start the installation.
  • If [CanonDCxxxW] is not displayed the CD-ROM may not have been recognized. In this case please try reinserting the CD-ROM or restarting the computer.
If the CD is not recognized after you have restarted the computer or reinserted the CD, please contact a Canon service center.

2. Messages are displayed when you attempt to proceed from the [Installer] panel

If the following messages are displayed when you attempt to proceed from the [Installer] panel of the Digital Camera Solution Disk, the computers operating system or the display may not meet the system requirements to run the software.

  • Non-supported OS

  • Display resolution does not meet the system requirements

For Digital Camera Solution Disk support requirements, please refer to the software instruction manual included with the camera, or the Canon support page.
To confirm that the Operating System and display resolution meet the system requirements, please perform the procedures below:
  • To confirm the computers operating system, click the [Start] menu, right-click [Computer], and then select [Properties] from the menu.
  • To confirm the display resolution, right-click on the desktop, and select [Screen Resolution].
If the computers Operating System and display resolution do not meet the system requirements, you can use a card slot on your computer (for equipped models) or a commercially available card reader to download images.

3. Installing [.NET Framework] takes a long time

In the Windows XP environments, the [.NET Framework] application may be installed from the CD-ROM. Depending on the system environments, it may take time to install. Please wait while the application is being installed.

For software system requirements, please see the [Camera User Guide] supplied with the camera.



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