What to do if ImageBrowser EX Cannot be Updated Automatically

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What to do if ImageBrowser EX Cannot be Updated Automatically


1. Check the version of the computer's operating system.

ImageBrowser EX can only be updated automatically if you are using one of the following operating systems.
  • Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Windows 7 SP1
  • Windows Vista SP2
  • Windows XP SP3
  • Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9



If the operating system you are using is Windows XP, please follow these steps to check whether SP3 has been installed.
1. Right-click the [My Computer] icon on the desktop, and then select [Properties] from the menu that appears.
2. Click the [General] tab on the [System Properties] screen, and then check the [System] shown.
If SP2 or earlier is shown, please download and install the latest service pack from the Microsoft Web site.
After doing that, please update ImageBrowser EX following the instructions in Automatically Updating ImageBrowser EX.


2. Check the Connection to the Server

If a message like the one below appears and the automatic update does not work, it could be that the computer you are using is not correctly connected to the network. In that case, click [OK], and then check the following things.



Cause 1. Some sort of problem could be occurring with the Internet connection.
Please check to see if there is a problem with your Internet connection. For information about how to connect to the Internet, please consult your network administrator or Internet Service Provider.



Cause 2. Communication with the [Canon Auto Update Service] is being prevented by security software.
If the settings of the security software you are using prohibit communication between the following programs and servers, please change the settings to allow communication between those programs and servers without changing the security level.



[For Windows]
Program file name (if the installation destination has not been changed):
C:\Program Files\Canon\Auto Update Service\UpdateChecker.exe
C:\Program Files(×86)\Canon\Auto Update Service\UpdateChecker.exe
Server name:



[For Macs]
Program file name (if the installation destination has not been changed):
/Applications/Canon Utilities/Auto Update Service/UpdateChecker.app
Server name:



For information on how to change the settings, please contact the manufacturer of the security software you are using.


3. Check the Network Environment

If a message appears that reads, "Failed to download update. Check your network connection and try updating again," it could be that there is a heavy load on the network. After waiting for some time, please try the update again.


4. Re-install ImageBrowser EX

If the auto update function still does not work even after you have checked all of the items above, please uninstall (remove) ImageBrowser EX and then reinstall it. For an explanation of the uninstallation/reinstallation procedure for your computers operating system, please click the applicable link below.




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