Main Features (DR-G1130/G1100)
Article ID: ART138129 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 12/09/2015


The main features of the DR-G1130 are described below.



The main features of the DR-G1130/G1100 are described below.


Scanner Features

  • Variety of Scanning Modes
    The scanner is equipped with six scanning modes: Black and White, Error Diffusion, Advanced Text Enhancement, Advanced Text Enhancement II, 256-level Gray, and 24-bit Color.
    * Advanced Text Enhancement can clarify scanned text by processing background or foreground colors.
  • Fast Document Feeding
    The scanner can scan up to 100 document sheets per minute of LTR/A4-size paper in black and white, grayscale, and color scanning modes. * Scanning conditions: LTR/A4 portrait, duplex, 200 dpi
  • Large Capacity Feeder
    Up to 500 plain paper document sheets can be loaded in the document feed tray.
  • Count-Only Mode
    When operating the scanner as a stand-alone device, this mode counts the number of loaded document sheets.
  • Adjustable Document Feed Tray
    The position of the document feed tray can be adjusted up or down according to the number of document sheets to be loaded.
  • Long Document Mode
    Document sheets up to 3,000 mm long can be scanned.
  • Job Function
    Scanning conditions and the saving destination for image files are registered with the job, so you can scan using only control panel key operations.
  • Freely Adjustable Document Guides
    The left and right document guides can be adjusted so that documents can be positioned to scan either the left or right side.
  • User Mode
    The User Mode functions can be employed to set the scanner for practically any condition.

Detection Functions

  • Color Document Auto Detection
    The scanner automatically detects whether documents are in color, grayscale, or black and white.
  • Auto Paper Size Detection
    The document page size is detected before scanning.
  • Skew Detection
    The scanner stops feeding when a skewed document is detected as it touches the edge of the feeder inlet.

  • Staple Detection
    The scanner stops feeding when it detects the presence of stapled documents.
  • Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection
    The scanner stops feeding when the ultrasonic sensor detects that two or more document pages are feeding at the same time.
    * A non-detection zone can be specified to avoid doublefeed detection in areas such as those containing adhesive labels.
  • Double-Feed Detection by Document Length
    The scanner stops feeding when a double feed is detected by comparing document lengths.
    * Using the length of the first document page as a reference, the scanner detects a double feed when a page of a different length is fed.
  • Prescan
    At the start of scanning, this function prescans the first page of a document and pauses so that you can use the first image to adjust the brightness and contrast before resuming scanning.
  • Verify Scan
    While scanning, the count of document pages scanned is verified against a pre-specified count or the count obtained from Count-Only Mode.
  • Text Orientation Detection
    The text orientation on each page is detected, and the scanned image is rotated in 90-degree increments as necessary for normalization.

Image Processing

  • Prevent Bleed Through/Remove Background
    Prevents the background or original image on the reverse side of thin originals from appearing in scanned images.
  • Image Rotation
    The scanner can rotate scanned images in 90° increments, or detect the text orientation and rotate the image in 90° increments to correct its orientation.
  • Deskew
    The scanner straightens an image when it recognizes from the image that the document page was fed askew.
  • Dropout and Color Enhancement
    The scanner is equipped with color drop-out and enhancement functions that enable you to specify one color (red, blue, or green) to be omitted (dropped out) or enhanced when scanning, respectively.
  • Remove Binder Holes
    Erases the shadows that appear on scanned images form binding holes on the original document.
  • Skip Blank Page
    The scanner scans sides of a document and skips saving the image of any side it determines to be a blank page.
  • Folio Scan
    Documents that are too large to fit in the feeder inlet can be folded and scanned on sides, and the images are combined into a single image.
  • MultiStream
    The scanner supports MultiStream, which can create three images with different scanning conditions from a single scan pass depending on the intended purpose. However, this function is only available when using software that supports Multi-Stream.
  • Making text or lines bold If any text or lines are unclear, this scanner has a function for scanning and making them bolder.
  • Background smoothing
    This processes the background in a scanned image to make it look smoother. It can be used when [Detect automatically], [256-level Gray], or [24-bit Color] is selected in [Color Mode] on the [Basic] tab sheet.

Other Functions

  • Rapid Recovery System
    When this function is activated and a sensor detects a misfeed due to a paper jam or double feed, which causes feeding to stop, scanning pauses to allow you to correct the cause of the misfeed, after which scanning continues from the document page on which the abnormality was detected.
    * The Rapid Recovery System is effective when feeding stops as a result of detection of a Paper Jam, Double Feed, Skew, or Staple.
  • Imprinter (Option)
    As an option, printing can be made on scanned documents.
  • Barcode Detection (Option)
    Barcodes on documents can be detected and decoded by installing the optional barcode module.
  • Patchcode Support (Option)
    By installing the optional patchcode decoder, patch code sheets inserted between document pages can be detected for batch separation.