Before Using Kofax VRS

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This article describes important notes on using Kofax VRS. Be sure to read this article before you begin using the Kofax software.


Before Using KOFAX VRS

This article describes important notes on using KOFAX VRS, an image processing software supplied with the scanner. Be sure to read this article before you begin use.


Order of Software Installation

When using KOFAX VRS, be sure to install each software in the following order.

  1. Acquire KOFAX VRS Basic.
    the CD-ROM included with the scanner may not contain the VRS driver. In such cases, download the VRS driver from the following Web site.

    The installer is distributed as a self-extracting executable file. Download the file to the folder of your choice, and then double-click it to extract and run the installer by following instructions as they are displayed.
  2. Install KOFAX VRS.
    Select the scanner you will use from the Certified Scanners screen that appears during installation. For details on the installation procedure for KOFAX VRS, refer to "VRS Installation Guide.pdf" on the KOFAX VRS CD-ROM.
  3. Install the Canon scanner driver.
    Be sure to install the scanner driver included on the Canon Setup DVD. For details on installing the scanner driver, refer to "Installing the Software" in the supplied Easy Start Guide. After installation, check to make sure that the version of the scanner driver included on the Setup DVD is properly installed.


Restrictions when Using KOFAX VRS

The following restrictions exist when using KOFAX VRS.

  1. The scanner driver specified in KOFAX VRS must be the Canon ISIS driver.
  2. KOFAX VRS is adjusted to obtain optimal results with the default settings of the Canon scanner driver. Do not change the Canon scanner driver settings from the scanner driver settings on VirtualReScan interactive viewer. If you want to rotate an image, for example, change the setting with KOFAX VRS, not the setting on the scanner driver.
  3. When using KOFAX VRS, operations for the Start and Stop keys on the scanner will be disabled.
  4. When scanning in color while using KOFAX VRS, you cannot select 600 dpi resolution.
  5. When using CapturePerfect or depending on the application you are using, KOFAX VRS will not be able to perform batch separation separation using patch codes or scanning in Long Document mode.
  6. KOFAX VRS Basic does not support the reading of 2D barcodes and other enhanced barcodes.
  7. Depending on the scanner model, OmniPage and PaperPort may be supplied. However, these applications do not support the use of KOFAX VRS.

For further details on settings and features for KOFAX VRS, refer to "VRS User Guide.pdf" or the KOFAX VRS help file stored on the CD-ROM.

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