Selecting an audio scene to match your surroundings (VIXIA HF G20 / LEGRIA HF G25)

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Selecting an audio scene to match your surroundings (VIXIA HF G20 / LEGRIA HF G25)


You can have the camcorder optimize the audio settings of the built-in microphone by selecting the audio scene that matches your surroundings. This will greatly enhance the sense of "being there".
Alternatively, you can select [Custom Setting] in order to adjust the camcorder's various audio settings to your liking.

The procedure for setting audio scenes is explained below.

1. Set the mode switch to <M> or <CINEMA>.

2. Turn on the camcorder and make sure it is set to a recording mode.

3. Touch [ ].

4. Drag your finger up or down to choose [Audio Scene].

5. Touch the desired option and then touch [X].

Options ( Default value)
StandardTo record most general situations. The camcorder records with standard settings.
MusicTo vibrantly record music performances and singing indoors.
SpeechBest for recording human voices and dialog.
Forest and BirdsTo record birds and scenes in forests. The camcorder clearly captures sound as it spreads.
Noise Suppression]To record scenes while reducing noise from wind, passing vehicles and similar ambient sound. Ideal for recording at the beach or in places with a lot of noise.
Custom Setting
Allows you to adjust the audio settings to your liking.
* The settings that you can adjust in the [Custom Setting] are the [Mic. Level] setting in the [
] panel and the following settings in the [ ]: [Auto Wind Screen], [Microphone Attenuator], [Built-in Mic Freq. Response] (audio equalizer), and [Built-in Mic Directionality]. [Custom Setting] is not available in [AUTO] mode. After setting [Audio Scene] to [Custom Setting], if the camcorder is then set to [AUTO] mode this setting will change to [Standard].

This concludes the procedure for setting audio scenes.



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