Setting Focus and Exposure

Article ID: ART138293 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Setting Focus and Exposure


Setting Focus and Exposure Compensation

Setting the Focus

Use manual operations to focus on a desired position or fix at infinity. In manual operations, you can use the oneshot AF function to focus on the subject

  (far) and (near) buttons.

Clicking [One-shot AF] will use autofocus to focus on a subject and then return to manual focus.

[Fixed at Infinity]:

You can set the focus so that it is fixed near infinity.


  • One-shot AF may not focus properly on the following subjects.


Setting the Exposure

You can set any of nine levels of image brightness (-4 to +4).

To darken the image, drag the slider toward [Dark]. To brighten the image, drag the slider toward [Bright].


• If the camera's Exposure Mode was set to [Manual], it will be changed to [Auto] after setting exposure compensation.

• The exposure compensation value set with the Camera Angle Setting Tool will be reset when the camera is rebooted. The value will not be reflected in [Exposure Compensation] of [Initial Camera Settings] in [Camera] in the Setting Page.



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