Adjusting Line Length (Adjust Length) (iPF8400)

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Adjusting Line Length (Adjust Length) (iPF8400)


To ensure that lines in CAD drawings are printed at exactly the right length, use Adjust Length to adjust the amount that paper is advanced.
There are two options in Adjust Length : AdjustmentPrint and Change Settings.
  • AdjustmentPrint
After a test pattern is printed, you will measure the discrepancy based on the results of printing.
  • Change Settings
No test pattern is printed. Instead, you will measure a document already printed to determine the discrepancy.
Additionally, two modes are available in AdjustmentPrint and Change Settings : A:High or B:Standard/Draft. Choose the mode that suits your particular printing application.
  • A:High
This setting is applied when Highest quality or High is selected in Print Quality in the printer driver.
  • B:Standard/Draft
This setting is applied when Standard or Fast is selected in Print Quality in the printer driver.

Paper to Prepare
When Using RollsAn unused roll at least 254.0 mm (10.00 in) wide
High-precision ruler
When Using SheetsOne sheet of unused paper of at least A4/Letter size
High-precision ruler

Perform adjustment as follows.

1.Load the paper.
  • Always make sure the loaded paper matches the type of paper specified. Adjustment cannot be completed correctly unless the loaded paper matches the settings.

2.On the Tab Selection screen of the Control Panel, press or to select the Settings/Adj. tab ().

  • If the Tab Selection screen is not displayed, press the Menu button.

3.Press the OK button.
The Set./Adj. Menu is displayed.

4.Press or to select Adjust Printer, and then press the OK button.

5.Press or to select Feed Priority, and then press the OK button.

6.Press or to select Adjust Length, and then press the OK button.

7.Press or to select AdjustmentPrint or Change Settings, and then press the OK button.
When you select AdjustmentPrint, a test pattern is printed for you to measure the scale and calculate the discrepancy. The scale bar prints Millimeter in 50 mm increments and Inch in 1-inch increments.

  • A test pattern is printed in black when you choose A:High or in magenta if you choose B:Standard/Draft.
  • To cancel printing the test pattern for adjustment, hold down the Stop button. When "Stop printing?" is displayed, press or to select "Yes", and then press the OK button.

8.Press or to enter the amount of discrepancy, and then press the OK button.
If the scale is shorter than the actual size, use a positive setting value. If it is longer, use a negative value.
The feed amount can be adjusted in 0.02% increments.



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