Installing the Camera (VB-H710F / VB-M700F)

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Installing the Camera (VB-H710F / VB-M700F)


Installing the Camera (VB-H710F / VB-M700F)

Before installing the camera, set the IP address and other network information on the camera using the “VB Initial Setting Tool” on the Setup CD-ROM.

For details on how to operate the “VB Initial Setting Tool”, see “Operation Guide”.

1 Mount the camera to the mounting bracket

Use the mounting screw holes on the camera to fix the camera to the mounting bracket.


• You must consult your retailer or provide the mounting bracket yourself.

• A tripod mounting screw (1/4-20 UNC) will fit the fixing screw hole.

• Be sure to use a mounting bracket with a mounting screw shorter than 5.5 mm (0.22 in.). Using a mounting bracket with a mounting screw 5.5 mm (0.22 in.) or longer may damage the camera.

2 Connect the cables to the camera

Connect the LAN cable.

If AC Adapter PA-V17 (sold separately) or an external power supply is used, connect the power connector to the camera.

Connect cables to the external device I/O terminals and audio input/output terminals as necessary.

3 Set the camera angle

When installation is complete, use the Camera Angle Setting Tool to check the image on the camera and manually adjust the camera angle. Zoom and focus can be adjusted with the Camera Angle Setting Tool (see “Operation Guide” > “Camera Angle Setting Tool”).

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