What are the features of the P-208 doucment scanner?

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the main features of the P-208 document scanner are discribed below.


Features of the Scanner

The main features of the P-208 document scanner are described below.

  • Compact Size
    The scanner has a compact size of 312.5 mm (W) x 39 mm (H) x 55.5 mm (D) (12.3" x 1.54" x 2.19") when the document feed tray is closed.
    The size of the scanner with the feed tray open is 312.5 mm (W) x 39 mm (H) x 75.5 mm (D) (12.3" x 1.54" x 2.97").
  • Bus-Powered
    Using the bus powered USB2.0 drive, you can scan up to 8 sheets per minute (A4 size, one- or two-sided scan at 200dpi).
  • Auto Start Function
    The CaptureOnTouch Lite software that comes preinstalled in the scanner can be started by turning ON the Auto Start switch on the rear panel. Connecting a computer to the scanner enables scanning even when the driver is not installed.
  • Auto Power ON/OFF
    This feature automatically turns the power ON or OFF when the feed tray is opened or closed.
  • Equipped with Feeder
    Up to 10 pages of a document can be loaded and then fed continuously, or one at a time.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
    By connecting the optional WU10 to the scanner, you can operate the scanner and load document from a PC or other device with a wireless connection. You can also send scanned data directly to a smartphone, tablet PC, or other smart device with a wireless connection.
  • CaptureOnTouch
    When the bundled CaptureOnTouch software is installed, you can perform scanning with a variety of scanning methods, ranging from a normal scan, to a scan that involves a series of steps and which is performed by registering a job.
  • Color and Grayscale Support
    The scanner is capable of scanning a document in 24-bit color or 256-level grayscale.
  • Two-Sided Scanning
    The scanner supports one-sided and two-sided scanning. Using the skip blank pages function enables you to scan without worrying about whether to scan one side or sides of a document because scanned images of blank pages are not saved.
  • Auto Color Detection
    The scanner detects whether the scanned document is in color, grayscale, or black and white, and saves the image accordingly.
  • Full Auto Mode
    A Full Auto Mode is provided in CaptureOnTouch Lite, CaptureOnTouch and scanner driver to allow scanning under automatically determined conditions. Scanning conditions such as the color mode and page size are set automatically based on the document being scanned.
  • Auto Resolution Detection
    When enabled in the CaptureOnTouch Lite, CaptureOnTouch or scanner driver settings, this function detects the content of documents and determines the scanning resolution automatically.
  • Document Size Auto Detection
    This feature enables automatic detection of the page size of a scanned document. The space around the edges of documents can be omitted during scanning, even for non-standard size documents.
  • Deskew
    Even if a document is slanted when fed into the scanner, the scanned image can be straightened.
  • Text Enhanced Mode
    Advanced Text Enhancement II is provided to improve the readability when scanning documents in which the background is uniform and the text and background are light.
    * This feature may not work effectively for some documents
  • Picture Mode
    The [Correct for picture quality image] features compensates for underexposed and overexposed images for photo-quality scans with finer gradation.
  • Prescan
    This feature allows you to scan just the first page of a document, confirm the scanned image and adjust the brightness and contrast, and then scan the remaining pages of the
  • Scan First
    Pressing the Start button on the scanner automatically starts CaptureOnTouch Lite or CaptureOnTouch and scans the document in the feed tray when you use the Scan First function.
  • Auto Detection of Document in Feeder
    An automatic start function is provided for detecting when a document is placed in the feeder and then starting scanning automatically.

 Depending on the bundled software you are using, all of the preceding features may not be available.

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