Shooting Without the Flash Popping Up

Article ID: ART138520 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 11/16/2015


Shooting Without the Flash Popping Up


By setting the flash to [Off], you can shoot without the flash popping up.
  • Take care not to pinch your finger when the flash lowers. This could result in injury.

  • Do not forcibly push down or pull up the flash. This may cause the camera to malfunction.
  • When the subject is too dark, use the flash for shooting.
  • The position and shape of the operation buttons, screens displayed, and setting items may differ according to the model you use.

1. Turn on the camera.

2. Press the right <directional button>.

3. The following window appears.

Press the <directional button> to the left or right to select [Off] (
), the flash will go down automatically.

Press the <FUNC./SET> (
) button.

4. If the [Off] (
) icon appears on the screen, the setting is completed.



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