Downloading Video

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Downloading Video


Downloading Video

Download video recorded on an SD memory card to a PC.

1 Specify the folder to download video to in [Download to].

Click [Browse] to specify a folder.

2 Select a video to download in the video list.

3 Click [Download].

The video is downloaded to the specified folder.


Since the Recorded Video Utility processes files downloaded to a PC and its original videos recorded on the SD memory card, the video list will not display correctly if files downloaded to a PC are manually deleted. In this case, click [Refresh Download Status] to refresh status of data downloaded to a PC.


When the download folder is changed, the download status of the files in the download folder prior to the change becomes [Not Downloaded]. Manually copy the files in the download folder prior to the change to the new download folder to change their status to [Downloaded].

Downloaded videos are stored in a folder that is automatically created within the specified destination folder and named using the camera IP address (for example, []). Quit the Recorded Video Utility before using explorer to browse the folders before and after the change and copy the contents of the folder with the same name as the camera IP address.

After copying, start up the Recorded Video Utility, click [Refresh Download Status] and the manually copied files will appear in the video list.

For details on the folder configuration and file naming rules for the download location, see “Directory Structure for Data Downloaded with Recorded Video Utility” in Appendix

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