Launching the Viewer

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Launching the Viewer


Launching the Viewer


  • The Admin Tools Certificate must be installed on a PC that is using the Admin Viewer.

  • This Operation Guide explains relevant operations based on the IP address “” (factory default setting). You must enter the actual IP address set for the camera when following instructions.


1 Access “” via the web browser

2 Click [Admin Viewer] or [VB Viewer] according to the user.

3 For [Admin Viewer], enter the user name and password

Refer to “User Authentication” for information on the user name and password.

The viewer is launched


Shutting Down the Viewer

Close the web browser in the viewer to shut down.

Connecting from Admin Tools

Only the administrator can connect to this viewer.

1 Launch Admin Tools.

 (Refer to “Launching the Admin Tools” for information on launching the Admin Tools.)

2 Click [Admin Viewer].

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