Preset Setting Tool - Specifying Detailed Settings

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Preset Setting Tool - Specifying Detailed Settings


Preset Setting Tool - Specifying Detailed Settings

If you want to fine-tune the camera angle or to adjust the  image, etc., click [Detailed Settings] and specify thedetailed settings before saving the preset settings in the camera

1 Select the [Show in viewers] checkbox.

2 Click [Get camera info].

The camera parameters in the image display area are loaded to [Detailed Settings].

3 Fine-tune the camera angle and adjust the image  quality with focus or smart shade control while checking the image.

4 Click [Preview settings].

The settings are reflected in the preview frame on the panorama screen and the image display area. If you previewed incorrect settings, etc., and want to restore the settings registered in the camera, click [Restore settings].

5 Click [Save settings].


  • To use presets in the viewer, select the [Show in viewers] checkbox.

  • Set presets again if the camera mounting conditions have been changed.

  • If [Manual] is selected in [Focus Mode], manually adjust the focus while checking the actual image in the image display area. After the focus has been adjusted, set the focus using [Get camera info]. Click [Save settings] to save the focus settings.

  • If the image stabilizer setting is changed after a preset has been set, the viewing angle during operation will no longer agree with the viewing angle at the time the preset was set. Check the preset settings again if the image stabilizer setting is changed.

  • If a dome housing is used, be sure to set presets with the dome installed.


  • Up to 20 presets can be set.

  • Changes to preset settings are not reflected in already connected viewers.

  • You can disable presets in the viewer by clearing the [Show in viewers] checkbox under [Detailed settings].

  • Preset positions cannot be set in the digital zoom area.

  •   Digital PTZ is a function for transmitting only the specified part of a 1920 x 1080 image. This function reduces the load on the network because only part of the image is cropped and transmitted



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