Installing the Camera (VB-H41 / VB-M40)

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Installing the Camera (VB-H41 / VB-M40)



Installing the Camera (VB-H41 / VB-M40)

The following explains the procedures to install the camera on a ceiling using the Ceiling Mount

Cover SS40-S-VB/SS40-B-VB (sold separately).

Before installing the camera, set the IP address and other network information on the camera using the “VB Initial Setting Tool” on the Setup CD-ROM.

For details on how to operate the “VB Initial Setting Tool”, see “Operation Guide”.

1 Determine an installation position for the camera and drill holes in the ceiling

Use the template included with the ceiling mount cover (sold separately) to determine the positions of the fixing screw holes and wiring hole (43 x 84 mm (1.7 x 3.3 in.)) according to the camera orientation. Next, cut out the wiring hole, and drill the fixing screw holes in the ceiling.

2 Attach the ceiling plate to the camera

Fix the ceiling plate to the camera with the four screws (M3) included with the ceiling mount cover (sold separately).

3 Secure the safety wire

Securely attach the safety wire to an anchor or structure. After securing one end of the safety wire to the ceiling, secure the other end to the camera using the screw that is fastened to the camera.


If a wiring hole cannot be opened in a concrete ceiling, etc., secure the wiring to a comparable location.

4 Fix the ceiling plate to the ceiling

Fix the ceiling plate to the ceiling at four points using the appropriate screws. The ceiling plate has four diameter 4.5 mm ( 0.18 in.) screw holes. Use the appropriate screws for ceiling mounting in accordance with the condition and material of the installation site.

5 Connect the LAN cable to the camera through the wiring hole

If AC Adapter PA-V17 (sold separately) or an external power supply is used, connect the power connector to the camera.

Connect cables to external device I/O terminals and audio input/output terminals as necessary.

6 Install the ceiling mount cover

Align the (O) mark on the ceiling mount cover with the (I) mark on the rear of the camera, and turn the cover clockwise to the (I) position.

Check that the ceiling mount cover is securely attached.

Note Cutout section

If the cables cannot be stored above a ceiling made of concrete, etc., or if the cables do not fit within the ceiling mount cover, bend the cutout section of the  ceiling mount cover using diagonal pliers, etc., to create a cutout through which to guide the cables.

7 Reboot the camera when the installation is complete

The camera position is initiated (see “Operation Guide” > “Setting Page” > “Maintenance”).


The camera can be installed in the upright position. Attach commercial anti-slip guards to the base of the camera and set on a flat, stable surface without inclination, or fix the camera to a tripod, etc. Be sure to use a tripod with mounting screws shorter than 5.5 mm (0.22 in.). Using a tripod with mounting screws 5.5 mm (0.22 in.) or longer may damage the camera. Also, use a  tripod with a base diameter of 30 mm (1.18 in.) or more.


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