Capturing important moments with the <PRE-REC> function (VIXIA HF G20 / LEGRIA HF G25)
Article ID: ART138735 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Capturing important moments with the function (VIXIA HF G20 / LEGRIA HF G25)


When using the <PRE-REC> (pre-recording) function, the camcorder will start recording 3 seconds before you press <START/STOP>, ensuring you do not miss important shooting opportunities. This is especially useful when it is difficult to predict when to start recording.
By default, the <PRE-REC> function is assigned to assignable button 2.

The procedure for setting the <PRE-REC> function is explained below.

1. Turn on the camcorder and make sure it is set to a recording mode.

2. Press <PRE-REC>.

3. <> will appear on the screen. Press <PRE-REC> again to turn off pre-recording.

The camcorder will not record the full 3 seconds prior to pressing <START/STOP> if the button was pressed within 3 seconds of having turned on pre-recording or having finished the previous recording.
Any of the following actions will deactivate the pre-recording function.
  • Leaving the camcorder without any operation for 1 hour.
  • Changing the position of the mode switch, or pressing the <> button.
  • Activating video snapshot.
  • Opening the decoration screen.
  • Setting the camcorder to standby mode.
  • Touching any of the following control buttons in the FUNC. panel: [MENU], [Rec. Programs], [White Balance], [AGC Limit], [Audio Scene], [Image Stabilizer], [Faders], [Decoration] or [Review Recording].

This concludes the procedure for setting the <PRE-REC> function.