Setting the Camera Angle

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Setting the Camera Angle


Setting the Camera Angle

Use the Camera Angle Setting Tool to adjust the camera angle when installing the camera or to change the capture orientation according to the situation.

You can set pan, tilt, rotation, zoom, focus and exposure compensation.

You can set zoom, focus and exposure compensation


  • The Camera Angle Setting Tool is included for angle adjustment during camera installation only and is not intended for daily use. Overuse may cause the camera to malfunction.

  • After changing settings in the Camera Angle Setting Tool, check the settings in the Setting page and Admin Tools operate as intended.

  • The Camera Angle Setting Tool cannot be used via a proxy server.

  • Upload functions cannot be used while the Camera Angle Setting Tool is connected.

Launching the Camera Angle Setting Tool

Double-click the Camera Angle Setting Tool icon on the desktop to launch the Camera Angle Setting Tool

Connecting to the Camera

Click [Connect] from the [File] menu.

The [Connection settings] dialog box will appear

Enter each item for the camera to connect to and click [OK].

[Host Name] Enter the host name or IP address of the camera

[Administrator User Name] Enter the administrator user name for the camera

[Administrator Password] Enter the administrator password for the camera.

[Enable SSL Communications] Select this checkbox to connect to the camera using SSL communications. Normally SSL communications are not used (factory default setting)

[Port] Set the HTTP port number to 80, 443 or in the range of 1024 to 65535. Normally [80] (factory default setting) is used


Click [Yes] at the following message.



When the Camera Angle Setting Tool connects to a camera, the viewer and recording software connected to the camera are disconnected.

A live camera image from the connected camera will be displayed and the camera angle can be set.


  • Access to one camera is restricted to 30 minutes. The Camera Angle Setting Tool will be disconnected automatically after 30 minutes. Reconnect if you do not complete camera angle settings within this time.

  • One camera cannot be accessed by the Camera Angle Setting Tool from multiple PCs at the same time.


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