Creating a Camera Specification File

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Creating a Camera Specification File


Creating a Camera Specification File

You can load a camera list in the [Select Camera] dialog box (p. 33) if you create a camera specification file which lists connection information for cameras. The camera list allows for simple switching between camera connections for multiple cameras. Create a camera specification file beforehand using a text editor. The file must be saved in CSV file format.

Camera Specification File Content

The 1st row in the camera specification file is the header row. Enter a title for each column. Camera information is listed for one camera per row starting from the 2nd row. Enter the following information for each column.


Up to 30 cameras can be registered. If camera information for more than 30 cameras is listed, an error will occur when the file is loaded into the Camera Angle Setting Tool.

Entering in a Text Editor

Separate each field with a comma. When you save the file, use the .csv file extension.


• Enter the actual administrator passwords in the camera specification file. Handle the camera specification file with sufficient care.

• If the camera specification file includes delimiters other than commas, such as semicolons or blank rows, the process of loading the camera specification cannot be performed


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