[Access Control] IPv4 Host Access Restrictions

Article ID: ART138929 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


[Access Control] IPv4 Host Access Restrictions


[Access Control] IPv4 Host Access Restrictions

(1) [Apply Host Access Restrictions] - Set IPv4 host access restrictions to [Disable] or [Enable].

(2) [Default Policy] - If IPv4 host access restrictions are applied, select [Authorize Access] or [Prohibit Access] for the default policy.

(3) [Network Address / Subnet] - Create a list of permitted hosts and restricted hosts and set IPv4 address access for each host to [Yes] or [No]. You can specify the subnet and set access restrictions by network or host. If access is prohibited, access to all ports is restricted.


  • To prohibit access via a proxy server in HTTP connection, a proxy server address must be set.

  • If host access restriction is set mistakenly, access to the setting pages themselves may be prohibited, in which case restoring the factory default settings will become the only means for recovery.


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