Connect your printer to your wireless network using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) - MX922 (TEXT) (VIDEO)

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Learn how to quickly get your PIXMA MX922 connected to a WPS-enabled wireless router.


Your PIXMA MX922 can be connected to a wireless router via the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Push Button method.  If your router has a WPS button on it, follow the instructions below to connect your printer to your wireless router.

If your router does not have a WPS Push Button on it, there are several other methods that can be used to connect your printer to your wireless router.

Select an alternative method if WPS Push Button fails:


Check that your router supports WPS

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) allows you to easily connect network devices to a secure wireless network. You do not need to know your SSID or password (network key) when using this method.  If your router supports WPS, it should display the WPS symbol. For additional details, refer to your router’s documentation.

figure showing 2 routers with the WPS symbol displayed


WPS Setup - Windows

WPS Setup - Macintosh



  1. Make sure your printer is on.
  2. Press the Menu button on the printer's operation panel.
  3. Use the arrow buttons (LEFT,RIGHT, UP, & DOWN) to select WLAN setup, then press OK.
    WLAN setup icon

  4. The printer searches for access points (routers). If a WPS-compatible access point is detected, the following screen appears.
    LCD screen shot showing instructions to press the WPS button on the router
  5. Press and hold the WPS button on your router for 5 seconds, then press OK on the printer's operation panel.
    Note: For specific details on your router's WPS button operation, refer to your router documentation.
  6. Press OK when Connected to the access point appears.
    LCD screen shot showing 'Connected to the access point.'
    Note: If the timeout error screen appears, press OK, then start over from step 4.
  7. Your printer is now connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Installing setup software

To learn more about installing the software that comes on setup CD-ROM, select one of the following:

MX922 Page

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