Adding transition effects (faders) to scenes

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Adding transition effects (faders) to scenes


The camcorder offers two professional looking transition effects to fade-in or fade-out scenes. You have the option to activate the fader only one time or every time you start or stop recording.
When the [Camera Mode] is set to [ ] (Baby) mode, this setting cannot be made. Please make the setting in [ ] (Auto), [ ] (Cinema), [ ] (Special Scene), or (Program AE).

1. Turn on the camcorder.

2. Touch [ ].

3. Drag your finger left/right to display the [Main Functions] menu, and then touch to open it.

4. Drag your finger up/down, and then touch [Faders].

5. Touch the desired fader
  • You can preview the transition effect on the screen.
  • Touch [OFF] to turn faders off.

The different effects are as shown below.
  • Fade Trigger

  • Wipe

6. Touch [ ].

7.5. Press <START/STOP> in record pause mode () to start recording with a fade in. Press <START/STOP> while recording () to fade out and pause the recording.

  • When you apply a fader, not only the picture but also the sound will fade in or out.
  • Faders cannot be used in the following cases:
- While using the [Old Movies] cinema-look filter in mode.
- When recording scenes with decorations.
- When recording video snapshot scenes.
- While pre-recording is activated.
- When the video quality is set to 60P/50P or 35 Mbps.



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