Adding Cinema-Look Filters to Recorded Scenes

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Adding Cinema-Look Filters to Recorded Scenes


You can add Cinema-Look filters to AVCHD and MP4 movies saved to the camera's built-in hard drive, and save them to the memory card.
The movies will be saved in MP4.

The procedure for adding Cinema-Look filters to recorded scenes is explained below.

1. Turn on the camcorder.

2. Press <> to set the camcorder to Playback mode.

3. Touch [Edit].

4.Touch [ Convert to MP4/ ].

5. Touch [OK].

6. Select the desired video quality of converted movies.

Before selecting the video quality, touch [Join Scenes] to join the converted movies into one movie.

7. Touch the individual scenes you want to add the filters.
  • A checkmark will appear on the scenes you touch. The total number of selected scenes will appear next to the

To remove all checkmarks at once, touch [Remove All] > [Yes].

8. Touch [OK].

9. Touch [Next].

10. Touch [FILTER1].

11. Select the filter you want to add, and then touch [OK].

To Remove the filter, touch [FILTER1-7].

12. Touch [START] to convert the scene with the filter added.

Touch [STOP] to interrupt the operation while it is in progress

13. Touch [OK].

When you convert movies, the video quality you can choose for the resulting MP4 movie will depend on the video quality of the original movie. Based on the following options, movies in the built-in memory will be converted and then copied to the memory card.

Video quality before conversion Video quality after conversion
AVCHD(60P/50P)/ MP4(35Mbps) Cannot be converted.
MP4 (24Mbps/17Mbps)
MP4 (24Mbps/17Mbps/4Mbps)
MP4 (4Mbps) MP4 (4Mbps)
* For values inside the parentheses: If you convert AVCHD movies with a frame rate of 60i/50i, the frame rate of the resulting MP4 movie will be 30P/25P.

This concludes the procedure for adding Cinema-Look filters to recorded scenes.
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