Audio Input/Output Terminals (VB-H710F / VB-M700F)

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Audio Input/Output Terminals (VB-H710F / VB-M700F)


Audio Input/Output Terminals (VB-H710F / VB-M700F)

Each audio input/output terminal has one input system and one output system.

Connecting the camera to an audio input/output device such as a microphone or a speaker with an amplifier allows you to send/receive audio through the viewer.

Audio Input Dual LINE IN/MIC IN (monaural input)

Although the camera has a single audio input system, it supports two types of microphone input:

LINE IN and MIC IN. Before using the audio input, change the [Audio Input] on the Setting Page

(see “Operation Guide” > “Audio Input”). LINE IN is selected by default.

Input terminal: 3.5 mm ( 0.14 in.) mini-jack (monaural)

Dynamic MIC IN

Input impedance: 1.75 k? }20%

* Supported microphones: Output impedance: 400 ? - 600 ?

Condenser MIC IN

Input impedance (microphone bias resistance): 2.2 k? }20%

Microphone power supply: plug-in power (voltage: 1.8 V)

* Supported microphones: Condenser microphones with plug-in power support


Input level: Max. 1 Vp-p

* Use a microphone with an amplifier.

Audio Output Terminal LINE OUT (monaural output)

Connect the camera to a speaker with an amplifier. Audio can be sent to the speaker from Viewer.

Output terminal: 3.5 mm ( 0.14 in.) mini-jack (monaural)

Output level: Max. 1 Vp-p

* Use a speaker with an amplifier.


Using incorrect settings for [Audio Input] may damage the camera and/or microphone. Be sure to configure the settings correctly.

Microphone characteristics may affect volume and sound quality.

Images and audio do not always synchronize properly.

Audio may be interrupted depending on PC characteristics and network environment.

Images and audio can be streamed to up to 30 clients. However, audio may be interrupted when streaming to many clients or using SSL.

Audio may be interrupted when using antivirus software.

Connecting and disconnecting the LAN cable interrupts the audio. Use the viewer to reconnect.


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