Supplied Accessories (VIXIA HF R40 / R42 / R400)

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Supplied Accessories (VIXIA HF R40 / R42 / R400)


Supplied Accessories

Before use, make sure the following items are included in the package.
If anything is missing, contact your retailer.
BP-718 Battery Pack
CA-110 Compact Power Adapter
(CA-110E including power cord, in Asia.)
HTC-100/S High Speed HDMI Cable
IFC-300PCU/S USB Cable
Quick Guide
Wi-Fi Basic Setup Guide ( / only)
Transfer Utility LE Startup Guide*2
*1: The camcorder may make a rattling sound if it is shaken.
*2: Transfer Utility LE Startup Guide: This guide explains how to download PIXELAs Transfer Utility LE software, which allows you to save your AVCHD movies and transfer music data from the supplied Canon VIXIA CD-ROM to the camcorder. For details on using the software, refer to the Transfer Utility LE Software Guide included with the downloaded software.

The Canon VIXIA CD-ROM is also supplied with the camcorder. The CD-ROM contains the following components:
  • Instruction Manual - The full-version instruction manual of the camcorder (this PDF file).
  • ImageBrowser EX - The CD-ROM contains an automatic installer for the software ImageBrowser EX, which allows you to save and manage MP4 movies and photos and upload CANON iMAGE GATEWAY*, YouTube and Facebook. An Internet connection is required for full installation of the software.
  • Music data - Music files that can be used as background music during playback. These music files are for exclusive use with PIXELAs software. The disc cannot be played back on CD players.
  • Image mix data - Image files that can be used with the image mix function (image mix frames).
  • CANON iMAGE GATEWAY is an online service that allows you to share movies and photos, make photo albums, and more. This service may not be available in all countries/regions.



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