Handling of Red Icons Displayed on the Screen (VIXIA HF G20 / LEGRIA HF G25)

Article ID: ART139288 | Date published: 05/13/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Handling of Red Icons Displayed on the Screen (VIXIA HF G20 / LEGRIA HF G25)


This section explains the meanings of the red icons and what to do when a red icon appears on the LCD monitor.
Battery is exhausted.Replace with a well-charged battery.
Change the battery.
The camcorder cannot communicate with the battery pack attached so the remaining battery time cannot be displayed.Replace with a battery for camcorders.

A card error occurred.Turn off the camcorder. Remove and reinsert the memory card. If the icon continues to flash, initialize the memory card.

The built-in memory is full. Delete some recordings to free some space. Alternatively, save your recordings and initialize the built-in memory.

The memory card is full.Replace the memory card or delete some recordings to free some space on the memory card.

No card, or the card is protected.Insert a card.
Unlock it If the position of the protect switch is set to LOCK.

If these problems persist even after attempting the solutions described above, please contact the nearest Canon service center.



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