Supplied Accessories (VIXIA HF G20)

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Supplied Accessories (VIXIA HF G20)


Supplied Accessories

Before use, make sure the following items are included in the package.
If anything is missing, contact your retailer.


CA-570 Compact Power Adapter(incl. power cord)

BP-808 Battery Pack

IFC-300PCU/S USB Cable

HTC-100/S High Speed HDMI Cable

STV-250N Stereo Video Cable

Lens hood with lens barrier

Lens cap

WL-D89 Wireless Controller

CR2025 lithium button battery

Stylus Pen

Startup Guide for PIXELAs Software
The following CD-ROMs and software are supplied with the camcorder:
PIXELAs VideoBrowser CD-ROM*
- Software for saving, managing, editing and playing back your movies. Additionally, using VideoBrowser you can transfer to the camcorder music files that can be used as background music during playback.
Canon VIXIA CD-ROM. Contains the following components.
- ImageBrowser EX - Software for saving, managing and editing your photos. The supplied VIXIA CD-ROM contains an automatic installer for ImageBrowser EX. An Internet connection is required to fully install the software.
- Music data - Music files that can be used as background music during playback. These music files are for exclusive use with the supplied PIXELAs software. The disc cannot be played back on CD players.
- Image mix data - Image files that can be used with the image mix function (image mix frames).
* The CD-ROM includes the instruction manual of the software (on PDF file).



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