Techniques for shooting with the zoom (PowerShot SX270 HS / PowerShot SX280 HS)

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Techniques for shooting with the zoom (PowerShot SX270 HS / PowerShot SX280 HS)


If you cannot shoot the subject up close with the optical zoom, please consider the following.

Using the digital zoom

You can use the digital zoom to zoom up to a maximum of approximately 80x and capture subjects that are too far away for the optical

  • Set the [Digital Zoom] to [Standard]
Press the <MENU> button (
), and from the [Shooting] tab (
) set the [Digital Zoom] to [Standard].

  • The [Digital Zoom] cannot be used in the following modes.
- [High-speed Burst HQ] (
), [Handheld NightScene] (
), [Fish-eye Effect] (
), [Miniature Effect] (
), [Toy Camera Effect] (
), [Soft Focus Effect] (
), [Monochrome] (
), [Super Vivid] (
), [Poster Effect] (
), [Super Slow Motion Movie] (
  • The focal lengths when using the optical zoom and digital zoom together
are as follows (all focal lengths are 35mm film equivalent): 25 2000 mm (25 500 mm when using the optical zoom alone)

Using ZoomPlus

Depending on how you have set the number of recording pixels and the magnification of the digital zoom, the zoom bar may be displayed in yellow (ZoomPlus).
To shoot with the digital zoom without causing the image quality to degrade, please shoot within the range of ZoomPlus.

Zoomed images may look grainy under some resolution settings and zoom factors. In this case, the zoom factor is shown in blue.



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