GPS Satellite Signals cannot be Received (PowerShot SX280 HS)

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GPS Satellite Signals cannot be Received (PowerShot SX280 HS)


If you are unable to receive GPS satellite signals, please check the following.

  • In the [GPS Settings] area of the menu, please make sure the [GPS] setting is set to [On]. Please see the following information about how to make these settings.
  • To receive GPS satellite signals, it is necessary to make sure that the camera's GPS signal receiver is pointed toward the sky whenever possible.
  • In you are not in environment where GPS satellite signals can be received correctly, moving to an outdoor location with a clear view of the sky should make it easier to receive signals.

Where to Use GPS, and How to Hold the Camera

Use the camera outside, where the sky is clearly visible. (The function will not work properly if you are in an environment, such as indoors, where the GPS satellite signal cannot be received.)

Hold the camera as shown below so that signals are easier to receive from GPS satellites.
Be sure not to cover the GPS signal receiver with your finger or other objects.

How to Carry the Camera When Using the Logger

For better GPS signal reception, try to keep the GPS antenna pointing up, toward the sky. When carrying the camera in a bag, put it in the bag with the GPS antenna pointing up, and try to put the camera in an outer section of bag.

Places With Poor GPS Coverage

Location information may not be recorded, or inaccurate information may e recorded where GPS signal coverage is poor, such as in the following laces.
  • Indoors
  • Underground
  • Near buildings or valleys
  • In tunnels or forests
  • Near high-voltage power lines or mobile phones that use a frequency of 1.5 GHz
  • When the camera is inside a bag or suitcase, etc.
  • Under water (when the camera is used in an optional waterproof case).
  • When traveling across great distances
  • When traveling through different environments

Since the position of GPS satellites changes over time, the cameras positioning data may not be recorded, the recorded position may differ from the actual position, or the camera may record a false route even if it was used in the same place without moving.

Time Required to Receive a GPS Signal

  • It may take some time to receive a signal from GPS satellites after switching the battery, or if the GPS function has not been used for a long time.
  • You can shorten the time required to receive a GPS signal by using Wi-Fi to store Assisted GPS data.



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