Printing on Envelopes (LBP6300dn)

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How to load envelopes.


Confirming usable envelopes
This printer can use the following envelopes.

Using the following types of envelopes may result in paper jams that are difficult to clear or may result in damage to the printer. Envelopes with fasteners or snaps Envelopes with address windows Envelopes with adhesive on the surface Wrinkled or creased envelopes Poorly manufactured envelopes in which the glued parts are uneven Irregularly-shaped envelopes
Loading envelopes
You can load envelopes only in the multi-purpose tray.
"Loading Paper in the Multi-purpose Tray"
<Precautions when loading envelopes>
Load envelopes in the correct orientation as follows.
(: Feeding direction)
Before loading envelopes, align them as follows.
1.Place the stack of envelopes on a flat surface, and then flatten them to release any remaining air. Then, press the edges tightly.2.Loosen any stiff corners of the envelopes and flatten curls as shown in the figure.3.Align the edges of the envelopes on a flat surface.
Printing from an application After loading envelopes, perform printing. "Basic Printing Procedure"
Do not print on the reverse side (glued side) of envelopes.
The print speed drops when printing on envelopes.
When envelopes are printed, they may be creased.
 If the output envelopes curl Switch the output tray to the face-up output slot. "Paper Loading and Output"

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