Onscreen Icons and Displays

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Onscreen Icons and Displays



  • (AUTO) and (Baby) modes
(with the zoom control displayed)

Control button [PHOTO] Intelligent IS
Smart AUTO (Available only in AUTO mode.) *2Remaining battery charge
Zoom controls Control button [START]
Total number of scenes / Total recording time Face detection frame
*1Memory operation Tracking frame

*1 Record, Record pause, Playback, Playback pause, Fast playback, Fast reverse playback, Slow playback / Slow reverse playback, Frame advance / Frame reverse.

*2 Remaining battery charge - The icon shows a rough estimate of the remaining charge as a percentage of the full charge of the battery pack.
- When the battery charge becomes low, replace or charge the battery pack. Depending on the condition of the camcorder or battery, the actual battery charge may not match what is displayed on the screen.
- When you attach an empty battery pack, the power may turn off without displaying
- Depending on the conditions under which the camcorder and the battery pack are used, the actual battery charge may not be indicated accurately.
- You can display the charge status of a battery pack with the [Other Settings] > [ ] tab > [Battery Info] setting.

  • (Special Scene) and (Program AE) modes.

Control button (Home) menu Tele macro
Shooting mode Movie format
Exposure *3Remaining recording time
Focus Video quality
Face detection Audio scene
White balance Control button
Audio level indicator Custom control button
While recording/during playback
Scene counter (hours : minutes : seconds)

Self timer
Pre-recording Headphone output
Image stabilizer

*3When there is no more free space on the memory, [ End ] (built-in memory model only) or [ End ] (memory card) will be displayed in red and the recording will stop.

  • (Cinema) mode

Control button [FILTER 1]: Cinemalook filters Level marker


  • Playing Movies (during playback)
    Playback control buttons Date/Time
    Scene playback time Volume and background music balance controls
    Scene number Decoration

  • Viewing Photos
    Control button Control button : Photo jump
    Current photo / Total number of photos Control button : Slideshow
    File number Control button : Return to the [Photo Playback] index screen



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