Setting Up the FAX

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Setting Up the FAX


To use the fax features of the machine, you can enter the fax settings through the Easy setup.

Using Easy setup

Press the MENU
button, then select in the order of Setup > Device settings >
FAX settings > Start Easy setup or Easy setup > OK button or Start setup.
Use the

button to select the item, then press the OK button.

Easy setup starts up.
Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the settings in accordance with the operating environment.

Complementary Information about Fax Setting Using Easy setup

  • Connect to a Telephone Jack
Connect the machine to a telephone jack with the supplied telephone line cable.
The connector is labeled
on the back of the machine.

Users in Europe: If you prepare your own telephone line cable, be sure it is a 6-wire telephone line cable.

  • Connect to a Telephone
When connecting a telephone or an answering machine, remove the Cap, then connect a telephone or an answering machine with a telephone line cable.
The connector is labeled
on the back of the machine.

  • Do not use a telephone jack line duplexer.
  • Users in UK: Use a B.T. adapter for connection as required.

  • Enter the User information settings and Date/time setting
Refer to the [ Specifying the Basic Settings for Faxing ] to enter the settings.

  • Enter the DRPD or Network switch settings
  • DRPD is available only in US and Canada.
  • Network switch may not be available depending on the region or country.



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