Restore Settings

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Restore Settings


Restore Settings

It is recommended that you write dwn the settings for respective camera functions. If you have forgotten the settings and want to set the camera from the beginning, restore the factory default settings first.


Restoring the Initial Setting from the Maintenance Page in the Web Browser

1 Launch the web browser and display the settings menu.

To display the settings menu, you need to enter the IP address of the camera, user name and administrator password

2 On the Setting Menu page, click [Maintenance

3 Click [Exec] under [Restore Settings].

A confirmation message appears, asking if you want to restore the default settings. To restore the default settings, click [OK].

The camera will be reset to the factory default settings excluding the following items.

Administrator password for the camera

Maximum packet size

Network settings

Date, time and time zone

SSL certificate

Encrypted communications


  • You must not turn off the camera while it is performing the [Restore Settings] operation. Turning off the camera at this stage may result in disabling its ability to boot correctly.

  • Once [OK] is clicked, you can no longer stop the process of restoring the default settings.


Restoring Factory Default Settings with the Reset Switch on the Camera

If you have forgotten or do not know the IP address of the camera or your Administrator password, you cannot operate the camera via the network. In this case, press the reset switch at the back of the camera

1 For VB-H610VE/VB-H610D, remove the dome case.

For dome case removal, see the “Installation Guide”included with the camera.

2 Turn off the camera.

There is no on/off switch on the camera. Turn the camera on and off by plugging in or unplugging LAN cable (PoE power supply), AC adapter, or external power plug.

3 Turn on the power while pushing the reset switch, and keep pushing the reset switch for 5 seconds or more The reset switch is located in a recessed area. Push the switch using the tip of a slender object such as a clip.

All settings of the camera, except for the date and time, are restored to factory default settings.







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