Decorating scenes at the time of shooting

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Decorating scenes at the time of shooting


Add a new level of enjoyment to your scenes by decorating them. You can add animated graphics, stamps and even your own freehand drawing easily just by simply using your fingertip.

  • When the [Camera Mode] is set to [
    ] (Cinema), this setting cannot be made.
Please make the setting in [
] (Auto), [
] (Baby) mode, [
] (Special Scene), or
(Program AE).

Decorating Scenes while Recording

1. Turn on the camcorder.

2. Touch [

Drag your finger left/right to bring the [Main Functions] menu to the center, and then
touch the icon to open it.

Drag your finger up or down, and then touch

5. The decoration mode screen appears.
On the decoration screen, there is a canvas where you can draw freely, and a toolbar with tools lined up for creating your drawings.
Select the tool you want to use from the toolbar, and make drawings on the canvas.

IconTool nameFunction

Pens and Stamps]Select the type of pen or stamp and its color. You can also save a single canvas or load a previously saved canvas.

Animated StampsSelect animated stamps to add to your decoration.

Date/Time, baby modeAdd the date and/or time as a caption that will be included in the recording.

Image MixChoose one of 26 different frames to add onto the canvas. Image mix can be used in combination with the pens, stamps and animated stamps.

Freeze screenIn recording mode: pause the live video. Touch [
again to restore the live video. You can add decorations to and record the frozen image.
In playback mode: pause the playback. Touch [

] to resume playing back the scene.

Minimize toolbarMinimize the toolbar to the top of the screen to view almost all of the canvas. Touch [
] to restore the toolbar.

6. Use a tool from the toolbar as explained in the following procedures.

7. Press <START/STOP> to record movies with your decorations.
  • You can add decorations even while recording a scene.

8. Touch [
] to exit the decoration screen.

To use [Pens and Stamps]

1. Touch [

The [Pens and Stamps] screen will appear.

2. Select the desired pen or stamp from [Tools] and then touch [
The main decoration screen will appear again.

  • Select Colors.
Touch [
Select white or black from [Colors].
Alternatively, you can touch [
] and select a color from the displayed colors.

3. Draw freely on the canvas.

  • To select a different pen or stamp: Repeat steps 1 and 2.
To clear your freehand drawings and stamps: Touch [
] > [Clear] > [Yes] > [
The canvas with decorations can be deleted, saved, and loaded.

  • To save your freehand drawings and stamps: Touch [
    ] > [Save] > [Yes] > [
  • To load a previously saved canvas (freehand drawings and stamps only) from the memory: Touch [
    ] > [Load] > [Yes] > [
*The freehand drawings and stamps will be saved in the built-in memory or on a memory card.
**The camcorder will apply the last freehand drawings and stamps that were saved in the built-in memory or on a memory card.
*** VIXIA HF R400 / LEGRIA HF R406 do not have built-in memory

To use [Animated Stamps]

1. Touch [
The [Animated Stamps] screen will appear.

2. Touch one of the control buttons.

3. Touch anywhere on the canvas to place the selected animated stamp. You can also drag some animated stamps to a different location.

When the [Animated Stamps] tool is used, the date/time will not be displayed or recorded.

To use [Date/Time]

1. Touch [

2. Touch [Date] or [Time] and touch [

Touch the caption and drag it to the desired location.

To use stamps during Baby mode.

During Baby mode, you can add stamps to the video to track babys height, weight and age.
Set the recording mode to [

1. Touch [
The screen with stamps for Baby mode will appear.

2. To add the age stamp: Touch > [

to set babys date of birth

4.To add the height and weight stamps: Touch [20 in.] or [6 lb. 8 oz.], and then touch [

to change the settings.

6. Touch

7. Touch the stamp, date or time and drag it to the desired location.
  • For the age stamp, days will be displayed for 6 days after birth, weeks will be displayed from 1 week up to, but not including, 1 month; months will be displayed from 1 month up to, but not including, 1 year; and years will be displayed from 1 year.
  • For the height stamp, only inches will be displayed until 35 inches and feet and inches will be displayed from 3 feet.
  • For the weight stamp, pounds and ounces will be displayed until 19 pounds 15 ounces and only pounds will be displayed from 20 pounds.

To use image mix

1. Touch [
] to open the [Select Image] screen.

2. Touch [ON].

3. Touch [+] or [-] to select a different image mix frame.
You can touch one of the memory icons at the bottom of the screen to read image mix frames saved on a different memory (When recording on or playing back scenes from a memory card).
*VIXIA HF R400 / LEGRIA HF R406 do not have built-in memory

Touch [
] to mix the selected frame with the live video.

  • When [Rec Media for Movies] is set to [
    ] (the built-in memory), you will not be able to select image mix frames saved on a memory card (For camcorders that have memory only).
  • For AVCHD movies, image mix cannot be selected during playback or while converting a scene to standard definition (For camcorders that have memory only). Select the image mix during playback pause or before starting the conversion.

To use freeze screen

1. Touch [

  • The control button will change to [
    ] and the picture will be frozen.
  • Decorate the screen using the other tools in the palette.

2. Press the <START/STOP> button to start shooting.
  • The decorations created will be recorded with recording scenes that are on pause.
  • Press the <START/STOP> button, and decorations can also be recorded while being created.

Touch [
]. The screen will return to normal.



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