Wireless LAN setup using WCN (Windows Connect Now)

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WCN (Windows Connect Now) Setup Procedure

  1. Print out the Network Configuration Page to obtain the WPS PIN CODE. This code is needed to add the printer to the Wireless LAN.

    1. Press the Maintenance button repeatedly until the LED lights up as shown figure:LED, press the Color button
      The Network Configuration Page including the PIN code will be printed.
    2. Press and hold the Maintenance button for about 5 seconds. The LED will display as shown.

  2. Add the printer to the network.
    1. Windows 8

      Type 'Network', then select Network

      Windows 7

      From the Start menu of the computer, select Computer, then select Network.

      Windows Vista

      From the Start menu of the computer, select Network.

    2. Select Add a wireless device or Add devices and printers on the menu.

    3. Press the Scan button. The LED will display as shown.   

    4. Follow the on-screen instructions on the computer to proceed with setup, then enter the WPS PIN CODE described on the printed Network Configuration Page.

  3. Install the software

    At this point, your printer is connected to the network. Only the software needs to be installed. Follow the same procedure as you would for installing the printer on additional computers on your network. Click the link below for instructions.

    Setting up additional computer(s) for use over wireless LAN (Windows)

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